Broch Group™ – Group and Services

Broch Group™ is a business group based in Europe that is focused on serving entrepreneurs by helping them to develop and to run their business. The Group´s main markets are Sweden and the United Kingdom, however, the client base is global with the majority residing within Europe.

The ambition of the group is to help entrepreneurs fulfil their daily business needs in such areas as law, accounting and administration. In a continuously changing Europe, European law is taking more of a central position affecting many businesses, and therefore has become the primary focus of the Broch Group. We believe strongly that in today’s world, entrepreneurs need to expand their knowledge beyond the national laws under which they operate their businesses. In this regard, our Group is unique in providing solutions on how to break the obstacles that exist between different national systems, and to show entrepreneurs the advantages of these differences.

Broch Group began in Sweden in 1988 under the name “Brochs Bokföringsbyrå” (Brochs Bookkeeping bureau), which was changed to “Brochs Redovisningsbyrå KB” (Brochs Accouting Firm LPC) in 1992. In the summer of 2009 this firm merged with Öresundsredovisning AB and now, in Sweden, Broch Group provides full accounting for small and medium sized businesses. Mikael Laulaja is the present managing director for the Swedish firm.

In the United Kingdom the Group has provided corporate services since 2004 under the name “Broch Corporate Services LLP” (BCS). These services include registered office address facilities, company secretarial and other administrative services. BCS specialises in resolving problems for British businesses that have a Scandinavian connection. At the end of 2009 Les Roberts was appointed as the partner responsible for the daily operations and administrative services performed on behalf of the clients of BCS.

Alexander E. Broch
Founder of the enterprise 1988

Alexander E. Broch



The operational arm of the group is managed out of Gibraltar by the founder of the Group, Alexander E. Broch. This branch operates under the name “Europe Advisers Limited” and has been active since 1998. Europe Advisers Limited provides legal services under European and Scandinavian Law. Over the years Alexander E. Broch has represented numerous clients in legal proceedings at both national courts, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).